welcome to WACblogs

there are an increasing number of students in our school using blogs to further their theses: here is the place to find these blogs!

if you have a blog and want to share it:
  • e-mail me (smneault@gmail.com) and i can add you as an author to this blog
  • create a new post, and link the title of that post to your blog
  • include a small summary of your thesis in the body of the blog
  • tag your blog in a way that will allow other students with similar interests to find your post and therefore your blog (eg. materials, sustainability, residential, commercial, cognitive, social, critical, written thesis, design thesis...try to use existing tags when possible)
to add to the slideshow:
  • if you use the tag "WACblogs" on your pictures in flikr those pictures will show up in the slideshow on the sidebar of this site
bookshelf? it might be useful to include in your site a list "gadget" which includes the books you are currently looking at

other ideas? let me know...i can add them or let you log in to customize this site to make it more useful

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